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Accessibility Information

Consumer Focus Savings thrives to ensure that our website is accessible by everyone.

Site Usage

We have adapted our website to ensure that it is available to everyone including those with disabilities.

We have used a web font that is easy to read, clear and concise.

We do not relay on the use of only colours to convey information to our audiences

We avoid the use of too many images and keep text on its own where possible to ensure it is easier to read

We ensure that it is easy to navigate through our site in an orderly way through our navigational menus

W3C Compliance

We have worked hard with our developers of our website to ensure that we adhere to Priority 1 of the Web Accessibility Guidelines set out by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). We are an honest company that want to ensure that all visitors can access our website with ease.

Accessibility Information

Through research of standard guidelines, Consumer Focus Savings are continually monitoring our website on any further changes we can make. We want to ensure all audiences can view and access content without any problems. If you feel there is something more we should be doing, we would love to hear from you on the contact details below. We will happily make changes to our website where necessary to ensure you can use our website with minimal effort.

Contact Us

If you are experiencing difficulties with our site or have any comments please contact us via telephone on 0161 935 8001 or email us at

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